Naturalistic photography workshop

The secrets of the forest among delicacies, history and legend


  • 7.30: meeting and departure from Agritourism il Mulino
  • 8.30: arrival at Fragaiolo chestnut grove with welcoming cocktail
  • 9.00: presentation of the chestnut grove with its main seasonal flora and fauna
  • 9.30: technical briefing about naturalistic photography. Illustration of the main photo techniques which will be used during the day
  • 10.30: beginning of the practical part: a short excursion into the chestnut grove in order to put into practice the techniques which have just been learnt
  • 13.00: lunch in the chestnut grove with local food (starter + pasta with mushrooms/truffle and final tasting of "marroncello")
  • 14.00: anthropological part "la castagnatura": the whole process, from the cleaning of the woods to the gathering of the fruits and the production of the famous chestnut flour, will be illustrated. Soon after a visit to a drying room in the wood
  • 15.00: setting off to La Verna
  • 15.30: arrival at La Verna, visit to the sanctuary (brief presentation) and then walk in the Foreste Casentinesi Park (second practical part of the workshop)
  • 18.30: departure from La Verna
  • 19.30: arrival at Il Mulino
  • 20.30: dinner with all participants, photo sharing, certificates delivering. A pen-drive with all the pictures of the day will be given to all participants.